LABELX Labellers
High technology and reliability in the top of range of the industrial labellers

LABELX® is the new labeler line designed by LABELPACK® to face the market challenge over the next few years while offering products that meet the requirements of the most qualified demand. Mechanical sturdiness, easy and linear label reel path, combined with a winning design, are the prominent features characterizing this new solution. A complete range of standard supporting units is available to integrate labelers series LABELX® simply and efficiently on automatic machines and packaging and packing lines.

LabelX etiketöintilaitteet


Automatic labeller for medium and high speed applications of self adhesive labels. Available with max. label width: 140 mm – 250 mm – 350 mm. Labelling machine perfoming unit.


LABELX JR represent the ”entry level” labeller of the LABELX series and its main features includes, mechanical compactness, easy and linear path for the label reel, and extremely flexible use


LABELX PE is the most flexible solution for the application of self-adhesive labels with in line overprints of variable data. The integration of an industrial print engine on a standard labeller allows to apply the labels to a really higher speed in comparison to the printing speed one that is limited between 5 m/mins and 18 m/mins. Thanks to the mechanical compensation device LABELX PE is able to apply labels up to 50 in operation m/min depending by the model of the labeller unit but independently from the printing speed.


Automatic labelling machine with motorized re-winder, proper for high speed application. Available with max label width: 140 mm – 250 mm